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Golf Shoes?


Golf shoes provide two main advantages over regular shoes. One, they spikes which help keep your feet anchored and thus help provide balance and stability during the golf swing. Two, they are generally waterproof to keep you feet dry when the ground contains moisture. 

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Apart from this, I would say the real key to finding ones that are the best for you is to find ones that are comfortable. Part of golf is walking 4 to 6 miles over a 4 hour period so it is very key to find something that doesnt hurt your feet. Everyone foot is different so try different brands to find the best comfort. Nothing could be more detrimental to your game than an uncomfortable shoe.

Otherwise, the amount of money you pay is like in any kind of shoe: the quality of the leather, the quality of the sole, the longevity of the material, alot of which contribute to how good looking the shoe is and not how it affects your golf game.

For me, I have always prefered Footjoy shoes from around 80 to 120 USD, or less if you find last years model on sale. I dont usually prefer Nike golf gear, but they have made a name for themselves making quality footwear so they are probably worth a look as well.

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